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At young age we are taught that dreams and reality do not always meet, as we are growing we begin to adopt the idea that what is requested, wish and dream This is not what you get …
While not all of your dreams we can achieve, but at least everything about interior design and architecture in general and we will realize the highest level.

· Working in a cast .
· Electrical and communication .
· Flooring , wall cladding and color.
· Plumbing .
· Woodworking.
· Building and softly frames .
· Acoustic ceilings .
· General Renovations
When you want a professional remodeling contractor fundamentally , no problem , you choose ” contractor in Los Angeles ” !
We invite you to call us or leave us details on the site, and coordinate a free initial consultation with no obligation , see impressive portfolio , letters of recommendation and recognize the professional service and our primary !
Contractor – because planning …

Daniel Group , a contractor , provides general renovation work for any purpose , private and commercial , as we are planning your renovations , we think the smallest details as well as the whole. The most significant difference between the different remodeling contractors start the renovation design level which can save a lot of precious time customer. Select the group Daniel contractor professional promise you planning level professional virtue consistent functionality , beauty and design , the budget specified in advance, and removal of all kinds of ” surprises” unplanned and unexpected thanks to our experience during the building during renovations – renovations